We cover both domestic and agricultural fencing; From panel fencing to post and rail; From repair and maintenance to replacement or new fencing.

Where appropriate we aim to use sustainably sourced fencing materials, including Kent coppiced Sweet Chestnut. We offer split post and rail, hurdles and paling.

We provide access solutions in the form of stiles, field or garden gates, kissing gates, horse chicanes, other equestrian access and off-road vehicle deterrents.


Our services include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Panel Fences 

  • Post and rail 

  • Stock fence 

  • Chestnut paling

  • Garden or field gates 

  • Stiles 

  • Kissing gates

  • Horse chicanes

  • Off road vehicle deterrents

  • Fence and gates repairs 

  • Reptile exclusion fencing 

4x4 Deterrent Installed in a Kent Woodland
Kissing gate with anti motorbike deterrent installed
Panel Fence Repair