Hedgerow Management

Here at SWS we offer a full hedge maintenance service, from small one off hedge trimming jobs, through to large scale regular cutting.

We can trim new growth or carry out full hedge reductions, along with hedge row removals.

We are also well practiced in the traditional method of hedge laying which provides a low cost alternative to hedgerow maintenance over many years. We hedge lay using locally soured hazel stakes and binders. 

Our restoration projects include thinning out, laying and gapping up, bringing old, dishevelled and under managed hedges back to life.


Our services include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Hedge cutting 

  • Hedge reductions

  • Hedge restoration 

  • Hedge laying

  • Hedge removal 

  • Hedgerow planting

Hedge Reduction
Annual Hedge Trim
Neat Hedges